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How to use Figma’s “Split Shape” plug-in|Let’s create a columnar (grid) repetitive layout.

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数値を指定してオブジェクトを均等に切り分けて繰り返し配置するには、Split Shapeプラグインを使います。


Movie|How to use Figma’s “Split Shape” plug-in

How to use Figma’s “Split Shape” plug-in

Draw an object (rectangle).
With the rectangle selected, search for the “Split shape” plug-in.
When the panel opens, enter the split settings.

Columns is the number of columns to be split.
Rows is the number of rows to split.
Gutter is the distance between the objects to be split.
Margin is the left and right margins, but it is unlikely to be used much.

If “Split” is selected, the object is immediately split according to the settings you have made.

This is useful, for example, for creating carousel sliders, vertically and horizontally aligned card-type layouts, and grid layouts.


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