Figma can easily generate wavy lines.
There are several plug-ins that make it easy to generate wavy lines in Figma.

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How to use Figma’s “Wave & Curve” and “get waves” plug-ins.

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To easily generate wavy paths, use the "Wave & Curve" plug-in


Movie|How to use Figma’s “Wave & Curve” and “get waves” plug-ins.

How to use Figma’s “Wave & Curve” plug-ins.

When launched, a pop-up window appears that allows you to adjust variables while previewing the waveform.

This is very convenient because it allows you to see how the waveform will change when you change the variable.

From the icons in the upper right corner, select the type of waveform you want to adjust.
Below the preview screen are three values

Height (amplitude in px)” from left to right
Height Difference (randomness of amplitude)
Distance (wavelength in px).

The bias below that is the angle.

You can also generate a random waveform.

Waveforms are output as paths and can be modified to your liking.

How to use Figma’s “Get waves” plug-ins.

Search for “Get Waves” from Resource, and the “Get Waves” panel will appear.

While checking the preview, set the “Curve Type,” “Fill Location,” and “Complexity” settings,

If you like the shape after repeating the reproducibility, click “Create” to add the element.


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