In Figma, by using a plug-in,
The background can be cropped on the frame.

Hanai Akihiro


How to use Figma’s “Icons8 Background Remover” plug-in|Crop out the person and background.

Post:2024.03.27 / Rewrite : 2024.03.27



Many people use Photoshop to crop the background of people or product images. Recently, more and more cropping services are utilizing AI.


Movie|How to use Figma’s “Icons8 Background Remover” plug-in

How to use Figma’s “Icons8 Background Remover” plug-in

Icons8 Background Remover is a plugin that allows you to crop the background using AI.
RemoveBg is well-known for this kind of tool, but it requires account registration and the free version has limitations on the size and number of images, so here we introduce Icons8 Background Remover, which is free to use.

Select the image you want to crop the background from, search for a plugin, and run “Icons8 Background Remover” to crop the background.

Let’s crop animals and products as well.

The accuracy of cropping is quite high.


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