Using the intuitive UI
Shadows can be expressed using an intuitive UI.

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How to use Figma’s “Beautiful shadows” plug-in|Applying beautiful shadows to objects.

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I know you often use shadows in your designs,
Figma's design allows shadows to be dropped more intuitively and beautifully.


With Video|How to use Figma’s “Beautiful shadows” plug-in.

How to use Figma’s “Beautiful shadows” plug-in.

To express drop shadows more intuitively using the UI, use the Beautiful shadows plugin.

1. With the element you want to drop shadow on selected, search for the Beautiful shadows plugin in Resources.
2. First, match the background of the plugin’s panel with the background of the window.
3. Move your line of sight while checking the values numerically from the 3-point dots.

Then a shadow will fall on the element.

You can change the color of the shadow, the spread of the shadow, and the transparency of the shadow by using the numerical values.

Incidentally, you can also cast a shadow on the element itself with the background cut out.


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