Skew is made by Microsoft,
It also provides a sense of security.

Hanai Akihiro


How to use Figma’s “Skew” plug-in|Apply italics to figures and text.

Post:2024.03.28 / Rewrite : 2024.03.25



SkewDat was a well-known plug-in for skewing text and shapes, but SkewDat has recently been made available for a fee, so we introduce Skew, a free plug-in made by Microsoft, which is an alternative to SkewDat.


Movie|How to use Figma’s “Skew” plug-in


How to use Figma’s “Skew” plug-in

With the text or image you wish to italicize selected, search for Skew in the Resources plugin.

Move the slider for Horizontal ±90° to skew horizontally. [Move the slider for Vertical ±90° to skew vertically.


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