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OFFICE HANAI is a freelance office based in Sapporo and active nationwide.
I offer a full range of website production services, from design to coding.

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Hanai Akihiro

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In Sapporo Since 2024


My strengths are productivity and communication.
I make sure your project runs as fast and smoothly as possible.

In addition to individual design and development skills, the use of "Generative AI" for web creativity can dramatically increase productivity and reduce the number of "manpower" and "man-hours" involved to the maximum extent. By maximally reducing the number of "manpower" and "man-hours" involved, we can achieve a cost performance that surpasses others. Furthermore We promise a partnership that balances "insistence as a creator" and "respect as a colleague".

  • 7.9 Years

    Experience as a Web Developper

  • 8.9 Years

    Experience as a Web Director

  • 7.3 Years

    Experience as a Web Designer

Hanai Akihiro
Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0003
Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Room 808, Dia Palace Kita Sanjo Nishi 13-3-3, Kita Sanjo, Chuo-ku, Hokkaido
+81 070-6644-0871
Web design, coding, direction, EC site production, LP site, CMS implementation, etc.
Figma, Adobe XD, Studio, Wordpress, Javascript, CSS, JAMSTACK, Shopify, Base, Stores
Business Hours
Weekdays 9:00 ~ 18:30
(closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  • Web Design

    Web UI・UX Design

    I try to design with a grounding in the trends required by the times, while being aware of the trends that are required by the times. Please feel free to contact us for design only.


  • Web Develop

    Coding / Engineering

    Because it is the part that cannot be seen, I pack our passion as a creator. I try to bring "order" to the code and make it easy to maintain.



Authored article

I write about my expertise in web design and coding, as well as how-to's aimed at improving productivity.
If you have any comments or requests regarding the articles, I would appreciate it if you could send them to me through DMs on each social networking service.

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I want to convey this kind of thing!
I want to express something like this!
I'm thinking about this kind of time frame and budget... 🤔
First of all, please let me know your frank requests.
I will respond with sincerity.

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