Depending on Collecction,
You can also customize your illustrations.

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How to use Figma’s “blush” plug-in|Insert illustration materials into your design.

Post:2024.03.18 / Rewrite : 2024.03.18



It would be useful if illustration materials were readily available to advance the design of web sites and applications.
The blush plugin makes this easy.


Watch the video on how to use Figma’s “blush” plug-in.

How to use Figma’s “blush” plug-in


1. Search for the plugin “blush”.
2. When the panel opens, select the object you want from Collections.

An illustration has been added.
In addition, depending on the Collection, you can customize the illustration in your own way.

For example, in the “We Are Woman” collection, you can change the appearance of each woman.

If you want to specify the colors of the illustrations or treat them as SVG, you need to subscribe to the Pro version.

There is also a way to vectorize (path) the illustrations for reference, though it is charged.
With the image selected, launch the “Image Tracer” plug-in.

You can also change the fill of the path.


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