Downsize" is a convenient way to
compress and resize images on Figma.

Hanai Akihiro


How to use Figma’s “DownSize” plug-in|Compress your images.

Post:2024.03.22 / Rewrite : 2024.03.22



As design data is arranged with a large number of images, the file size becomes heavier and file loading speed and memory usage are affected.


Movie|How to use Figma’s “DownSize” plug-in


How to use Figma’s “DownSize” plug-in

Select the frame, search for the plugin “DownSize” and click “Downsize” to display the “Downsize” panel.

The image will then be detected automatically, or if you select an element, the image will be detected from the selected element.

Then, make the necessary settings and click the COMPRESS button to compress the image.

After compression, the result will be displayed at the bottom of the Figma screen.

Note that reducing the compression level too much may result in significant image degradation.


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