In such cases, the Clean Document
plugin is useful in such cases.

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How to use Figma’s “Clean Document” plugin|Let’s convert elements with decimal points to integers.

Post:2024.03.26 / Rewrite : 2024.03.25



For design reasons, decimal points may be included, but they cannot be passed on to the engineer as is.


Movie|How to use Figma’s “Clean Document” plug-in


How to use Figma’s “Clean Document” plug-in

With the frame selected, search for the Clean Document plug-in in Resources and launch it.

This plugin is very powerful, and in addition to integer values, it also offers the following options

Delete hidden layers: Delete hidden layers.
Ungroup single-layer groups: Ungroup groups with only one content.
Make pixel-perfect: fixes the X and Y coordinates and size of the layers in the selection or on the current page to the nearest integer value. This will make them integer values.

Smart rename layers: Converts the layer name to an easy-to-understand name. The default is ^@, which means that layers starting with @ are excluded from the conversion.
Skip locked layers: Ignore locked layers.
Smart Sort Layers: Sort layers in the selection or on the current page by X and Y position, maintaining the relative overlap order on the page.

Click the “Clean Layers” button to organize your document.



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