Expressing it normally takes a lot of work, though,
Neumorphism plugin makes it easy.

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How to use Figma’s “Neumorphism” plug-in|Expressing Neumorphism.

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The expression in which elements are pushed out or depressed from the background is called a "neumorphism" design.


Movie|How to use Figma’s “Neumorphism” plug-in

How to use Figma’s “Neumorphism” plug-in


The expression of an element being pushed out or depressed from the background is called a “neumorphism” design.

It takes a lot of work, such as layering drop shadows, preparing light colors, dark shadow colors, and blended neutral colors, but with the Neumorphism plug-in, it is easy to do.

First, place the element in the frame.

Search for the Neumorphism plugin in Resources.

Adjust the distance from the background, the density of the shadow color, and the way the light hits the element as desired.

It is easy to create not only the expression of being pushed out, but also the expression of being hollowed out, etc. by simply switching the “Shape” item.

The Effcts item shows that inner shadows and drop shadows are superimposed.


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