Circles, waves, and other text can be
You can place text along a path.

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How to use Figma’s “To Path” plug-in|Let’s try placing text along a path.

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Use the To Path plug-in to place text on a circle, wavy line, or other curved path.


Movie|How to use Figma’s “To Path” plug-in

How to use Figma’s “To Path” plug-in


First, prepare the text and object.
With each selected, activate the To Path plug-in.

Vertical Align” for vertical alignment, “Horizontal Align” for horizontal alignment, and increasing the Offset(px) number will advance the placement of the text in the direction of the clock.

We will leave the default settings for now.
Click on Link to place the text along the path.

The text is now placed in a circle.

However, the amount of text is too small for the size of the circle, so let’s change the amount of text and adjust the overall balance.

Let’s stop the To Path plug-in and delete the original text.

Next, let’s try placing the text along a wavy line.
To draw a wavy line, use the Wave & Curve plug-in.

Display just the right wavy line and insert it from create.
Now, prepare the text in the same way, and with each selected, run the To Path plug-in.

It looks good.


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